Dr. Sandrine Atallah (cold open) All these social media tools that we use are all censored and sometimes my accounts are shut down and even on facebook or instagram you get censored for some posts. So it’s very delicate. It’s not easy.
In our country, size is very important and men are so obsessed with size. Men all think they have a small penis and they all want to use products to get bigger. We have so many misconceptions about size and how you can make your penis grow.

J.R. Biersmith: From 2728 pictures this is Just Droppin In a show about the global influencers and creators who are reframing the lens on people, places and ideas.

I’m J.R. Biersmith and on this episode we’re diving into the journey of Dr. Sandrine Atallah, a pioneering doctor of sexology in a place you may least expect.

With shades on as stylish and as cool as the city that passes by her drivers side window, the woman who is dominating social media in the heart of the Middle East is now recording a video with the same hand that’s guiding her car down the bustling streets of Beirut.

Dr. Sandrine Atallah: Yes I know I’m doing something a bit dangerous.

She was thoughtful enough to send seven of these over the course of her day – each one of them a short glimpse into a life of a pioneer, in a city and a region, who deserves a doctor like this, who cares like this.

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